Mimos Pillow is the only ISO certified medical grade pillow recommended by doctors worldwide to help treat & prevent flat head syndrome of babies. Handmade & imported from Spain!


Our products have a general warranty of two years. Mimos Pillow Philippines reserves the right to replace any defective product under warranty.

The warranty will only be applicable to the first owner/user of the product. Therefore, proof of purchase will be required.

  • Mimos Pillow Philippines will not accept products under warranty that show any sign of misuse: improper use or maintenance of the product, negligence, manipulation or undue alteration of the product without prior authorization of the brand. The products must always be used strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, the product could result damaged and lose its warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover the general wear of the products. Damage caused by external factors such as friction, sharp objects or chemical products will not be taken into account. Mimos®  Pillow is composed of soft and delicate materials. Rips, tears and cuts (especially caused by the washing machine) will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Mimos® will not accept the “non-effectiveness” of the product as a warranty. Mimos® pillow is a complement to the treatment of positional cranial deformities, and its degree of effectiveness is subject to different factors such as the genetic itself, the age of the baby, severity of the disease, cranial morphology and time or manner of use. In some cases, complementary and/or alternative measures will be required.